Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby.

Patrick, with his cousin, Lauren, and big brother, Luke.

I've been thinking about what I might write in This Space for a very long time. What would the day feel like when it finally arrived? Would I be a basket case? Would I cry? Would I laugh? How would we spend our day?

I made no plans for today, or for tonight. I did take the day off from work and have just been enjoying Patrick's company all day. Earlier this morning, I took him to my office to meet my amazing friends who prayed for him from his first hour, and who continually take care of me.

Around lunchtime, my sisters, my parents and my neice joined us at home for a spontaneous lunch -- Jeff came home from work early, and of course Luke is here too. We couldn't help but recall and talk about This Day one year ago, but all in all, our afternoon has been joy-filled!

I know I will reflect and write more about this milestone in the days to come, but for now I just wanted to mark the moment.

I must share with you a most beautiful column written by my very talented sister Erin today. It captures the day of Patrick's birth so beautifully.

Happy Birthday, P!

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