Friday, August 13, 2010

Feeding Therapy: Week Two.

I took Patrick back to the Feeding Therapist yesterday. It had been 10 days since our last visit. She was pleased with Patrick's 'progress' and she applauded my efforts during the week. The exercises we do with him are oral stimulation: gently brushing his gums with a soft brush, dipped in water, or milk, or thin oatmeal. She said that the first week we were there, he didn't know what to do with his tongue (he just flip flopped it all around), but yesterday she said Patrick was actually moving his tongue toward the brush with milk or oatmeal when it was placed in his mouth.

Yay Patrick!

I, however, continue to be frustrated. This is s-l-o-w progress.

So, weekly therapy continues.

Also, today marks one week since we modified Patrick's feeding schedule. Previously we had been feeding him 6 times a day, but with each feeding taking an hour and a half, he was spending 9-10 hours a day just being fed. It made it very difficult for us to play or go for a walk or run any errands. We have been tied to the feeding pump.

Until now.

The new plan is that we feed Patrick continuously overnight. From 10pm-7am, he receives a continuous, slow flow of milk. During the course of the night, he receives 10 1/2 ounces of milk... all before dawn!

Then, throughout the day, I feed him only four times: 9a, noon, 3:30p, 7p.

Free at last!

Seriously, it has made for a better week. Lots of time to get out, take Luke to the sprinkler park at the lake, visit family and friends....

I pray that this new arrangement will also give Patrick some room during the day to feel hungry...and perhaps, be a little bit motivated to eat/drink.

Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

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